Precision Tooling / Mold Construction Services

Matrix Tool's Tooling Division offers complete manufacturing of close tolerance plastic and metal injection molds. These molds are manufactured by teams of highly skilled personnel who are dedicated to meeting the intricate requirements of our customers in the Automotive, Computer, Electronics, Pharmaceutical/ Medical and general Appliance Markets.


Approximately fourteen thousand square feet of air conditioned manufacturing space are dedicated to tool building and assembly activities.

Tool Staff:

Tool room activities are carried out by highly skilled journeyman Mold Makers, Mold Apprentices and numerous machine specialists in the area of grinding, EDM, polishing, Wire EDM, and CNC.


Matrix Tool specializes in the manufacture of precision prototype and production molds. The processes for precision tooling include conventional milling, CNC milling, heat treating, grinding, EDM machining, and mold polishing. Tooling services are supported by comprehensive in-house Design, Injection Molding, and Quality Assurance departments.


All Tooling Personnel are trained to "build" quality into each mold component by adhering to rigorous quality standards that consistently meet customer requirements. Additional inspection is completed by certified quality assurance personnel with more than twenty five years of mold building experience.


The tooling equipment is of the highest quality required to perform in today's marketplace. A complete Equipment / Facilities list is available upon request.

Additional Information:

If you are interested in obtaining additional information about Matrix Tool's Design Services, please e-mail or contact Dave Lewis Jr., Subject Line (Attn: Tooling/Engineering Vice President).