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Injection Molding Services

Matrix Tool has (41) Injection Molding Presses that range in size from 20 tons to 237 tons of clamping pressure. Located in two, separate areas of our 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, we have (31) presses housed in our Advanced Precision Molding room and (10) presses in our Advanced Micro Molding room. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality injection molding services.

We run a 24/5 operation, with 24/7 capability for added capacity. We operate around the clock, with full tooling support throughout all three shifts. We specialize in high-precision micro molded and standard size complex components using LCP and other engineering grade resins.

Our Systems, Your Success

All throughout our website we mention the number of degreed Plastics Engineers employed by Matrix Tool. Combined with our deeply experienced support staff, they form a dynamic team who manage the day-to-day activities ranging from tool sampling to full injection molding production runs.

The efficiency and effectiveness of our Plastics Group can’t be overstated. We average over 20 mold set ups per day, while maintaining world-class On-Time Delivery and Quality metrics. We consistently achieve over 99% On-Time Delivery and a Quality rating routinely measured in single digits, PPM (Parts Per Million.) This is accomplished while molding nearly 3,000 active part numbers using close to 100 unique engineering-grade resins. It’s easy to see why Matrix Tool is sought out by some of the most demanding customers across diverse industries. Learn more about our Advanced Micro Molding capabilities or our approach to Quality.

State of the Art Equipment

I was extremely happy with the ‘sudden service’ I received from the Process Engineers, Production, QA Staff and Mold Repair Personnel that were supporting my tools.

— Phil, Principal Mfg. & Process Development Engineer

Complex, Complicated & Demanding

We really have two fundamentally different types of business that span both the Advanced Precision and Advanced Micro Molding Rooms. One is the laminate connector business—which most times does not have dedicated tooling. One tool can be configured into over a hundred unique part numbers. Then we have customers that are more traditional to injection molding, with dedicated tooling making a single part number. It takes a robust system and skill to manage both effectively.

In either scenario, we have a stand-alone tooling division, separate from new tool builds that support the daily tool reconfigurations needed by our customers. We’ve done this so we're not tapping into or conflicting with our tool building division. This group also provides the molding facility with repair, maintenance and tool refurbishment capabilities. This is all to support very real-time, on the fly, customer driven orders that often have a 3-day response time. We have the infrastructure of personnel, equipment and systems to handle demanding customers and be successful. This is a business model that has grown in sophistication and responsiveness over that past 30 years. To learn more about Matrix Tool’s unique approach to around the clock tooling support and injection molding services, please Contact Us.

Overall, Matrix is a world class supplier with excellent technical support, technology and business processes. Matrix is a tremendous partner to have in our supply chain.

— Mike, Principal Plastics Engineer