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Join Matrix Tool, Inc. and our partners Sodick-Plustech and RJG Inc. at NPE2024: The Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida from May 6 – May 10th. Stop by the Sodick-Plustech booth W3581 to witness this high-precision, award-winning micro mold run in person.

Sodick will be showcasing their cutting-edge precision molding technology featuring the V-LINE Two-Stage Plunger System. Matrix Tool will be highlighting our custom manufacturing capabilities for high-precision components, pushing the boundaries in plastics processing by leveraging our investments in Sodick injection molding equipment and RJG technology, especially for complex components utilizing engineering-grade resins such as LCP. RJG will be showcasing their state-of-the-art in-mold sensors and AI-powered process assistant, MAX, for seamless process optimization.


  • Part Weight: 0.106g, requiring only 5 pellets of LCP.
  • Mold Dimensions: 4.5 × 5.0 × 5.9 inches.
  • Four-Cavity Cold-Runner Tool for enhanced efficiency.
  • Sodick 20-ton High-Response Micro Injection Molding Machine.
  • Over 60 Knife-Edge Tooling Features.
  • Each opening on the part is crafted by mating cores from both mold halves, featuring wall thicknesses as thin as 0.0048 in., slightly thicker than a human hair.
  • Features front and back-half ejection, incorporating multi-directional alignment interlocks and linear ball-bearing guided ejection.
  • Innovative design enhances alignment accuracy, improves cooling efficiency and reduces the overall footprint.
  • Mold Fill Time: 0.16 seconds, surpassing the performance of conventional injection molding machines.
  • Recipient of the 2021 Plastics Technology Hot Shots Awards (Technical Sophistication and Achievement in Molding Efficiency and Economics).

For more information regarding our micro injection molding equipment, capabilities, and expertise, please contact us or browse our micro molding page.