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Project Management Approach

Matrix Tool is laser-focused on providing best-in-class Tooling and Molding solutions!  Specifically, we have well over a dozen Penn State degreed plastics and mechanical engineers on staff.  When you have this type of horsepower, our customers receive exceptional solutions to their most challenging plastic injection molding projects.  Think of it as having engineering resources at the ready to lend input at any point in the project.  Our project management approach helps to mitigate risk and achieve a coordinated project completion in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Engineering Focus

We utilize the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) methodology in everything we do. Whether it’s Tool Design, Tool Construction, Process Validation and volume Production, it is based on systematic and comprehensive planning as well as sound, proven technology. We have a very diverse group of Product Design Engineers, Tool Designers, Toolmakers and Process Engineers that work in a cross-functional manner to evaluate your project on the front end to identify areas for improvement or that could be of concern.

Every member of the Matrix team that I have interacted with has been friendly, helpful and thorough.  Matrix Tool is a long-term partner that we depend on every day to meet our customers’ needs.

— Mark, Supplier Quality Engineer

These team members are responsible for coordinating project specific activities and ensuring that all customer requirements are met. These include, but are not limited to: quality, cost considerations, technical and TTM, or time-to-market delivery requirements. They also provide a business case on how we may be able to optimize the molded part, the tool or the injection molding process. Using this approach, we become more of an internal Project Manager for our customers. We’re driven to always do what will benefit the customer through the project life cycle.

A Seismic Paradigm Shift

We live in a competitive world so why not partner with a supplier that is able to provide unparalleled technical feedback and support.  Matrix Tool provides best-in-class Tooling and Molding solutions that often take the shape of product design and tooling design alternatives.  But perhaps our greatest strength is proposing counter intuitive solutions that reduce cost, complexity and risk.  This is accomplished by embracing the absolute latest in machine and processing technology available.

Lower Cavitation = Greater Throughput?

We know the goal is to make plastic parts as fast as possible of the highest quality and to minimize waste. Inefficiencies can be in the form of wasted material, but also wasted opportunity (i.e. cycle times and throughput yield.)  Matrix Tool can often provide our customers with very unique, creative, and innovative solutions that reduce material waste while increasing throughput.

In a recent example, Matrix completed a critical design and build project for a Medical Customer where we offered a creative, alternate solution to what was originally requested.  We provided a custom tool with only half of the originally requested cavities, removed a hot runner system and incorporated Matrix’s proven design and manufacturing standards into a unique solution.  The results?  Annual plastic material savings of over $100,000, while exceeding the annual forecasted product demand.   We’ve discovered that a bigger and more complex tool isn’t always better.  Better is better.  We offer these tooling and processing alternatives to our mutual benefit…and we can prove it.  See Case Study

Regardless of any contract scope, successful projects need to be managed in a proactive manner. This ensures that customer requirements are not only met but exceeded.  Each project is well-defined, understood and monitored throughout all phases.  This collaborative, forward-thinking approach helps ensure we finish your project on-time, every-time.  Project Progress Plans are updated weekly to keep customers well informed of the project status.

What Makes It All Work

The activities of each Matrix Tool project management team are reinforced by:

  • Work processes and procedures to support our IATF and ISO Certifications
  • Consistent mold design, mold construction and molding standards
  • A fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that allows for efficient monitoring of all manufacturing activities on a “real-time” basis
  • A fully integrated Product Data Management (PDM) system that provides efficient electronic data control, protection, and back up
  • Regular Project scheduling updates at key stages of each project

To put our systems to the test for current or future projects, send us your challenging project Contact Us