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Precision Mold Making & Plastic Injection Mold Tooling

At the heart of Matrix Tool’s 50 years in business is this one specific point: We build extremely high precision injection molds! One reason for our success is our laser focus on incredibly tight parting lines, shutoffs and alignments. In most cases there’s practically no visible parting lines, witness lines or mismatch. Our high precision competency translates across all tooling built at Matrix Tool. This includes traditional injection molds, MIM tooling and micro injection molds with incredibly fast cycle times.

Results You Can Count On

When you provide journeymen toolmakers with outstanding mold designs and machining equipment, you can expect exceptional results in the final product. And that’s what Matrix delivers. Equipped with some of the latest and best machining centers in North America, Matrix Tool remains the tool shop of choice for many global OEM’s and their most demanding projects.

Tooling Equipment List

Extremely capable, solutions-based leader in the Industry.  We cannot compliment them enough regarding capability, quality and service.

— Mark, Global Sourcing Manager

In-house Precision Mold Making

Matrix manufactures precision injection molds in Northwest, PA, with an in-house tool shop providing comprehensive tool-building resources. Our facility is equipped to manage multiple tool builds simultaneously, ensuring efficient and accurate processes. With machining capabilities such as hole popping, turning, manual milling, engraving, welding, polishing, & more, we can oversee your projects from start to finish.

What Do OEM’s and Competitors Have in Common?

Perhaps the greatest confirmation of Matrix Tool’s reputation in the industry is the company we keep. When OEM’s with internal injection molding capabilities or other tool shops need a high precision tool building source, they know where to turn, Matrix Tool. Whether a single cavity, production intent prototype tool or high cavitation production mold, they know that Matrix will always deliver a high quality, extremely precise mold.

Mold Warranty

Each tool we build is always done the right way based on company core values, engineering driven manufacturing principles and craftsmanship. Every tool shop claims to build the best tool. We do as well, but we back our workmanship with a promise. We offer a Life of Program Warranty for any tool that is designed, built and stays at Matrix Tool for production. This is regardless of the number of cycles! Contact Us for more details.

If your project is demanding and requires extremely high precision and accuracy, Contact Us. Discover the benefit of working with a true full-service, engineering driven company!