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Transfer Tooling

Look no further than Matrix to reshore your molding business or to outsource your overflow or more troublesome tooling. Matrix excels at quickly diagnosing and resolving all forms of production challenges, inefficiencies, and we have the systems, equipment and expertise to meet or exceed your most stringent quality and delivery expectations. We welcome you to transfer existing molds to us for immediate reshoring or outsourced production needs, or allow our full-service capabilities to help retool or rapidly add new capacity tooling where needed.

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I was extremely happy with the ‘sudden service’ I received from the Process Engineers, Production, QA Staff and Mold Repair Personnel that were supporting my tools.

— Phil, Principal Mfg. & Process Development Engineer

Seamless Transfer

Whether you are considering to move your mold from an underperforming supplier, or looking to shorten your supply chain, Matrix Tool has the expertise and experience needed to help seamlessly transition your molds. With your tooling at Matrix, you can be assured that you will consistently receive parts of the highest quality, to your specifications, delivered on time, provided at a competitive price and manufactured here in the USA.

Explore the advantages of Supply Chain Reshoring in our latest blog post, focusing on USA benefits and revealing hidden costs tied to offshore production. Start enhancing your manufacturing strategy for increased resilience and efficiency — elevate your project's success today with Matrix!

Reshoring: Explore the Advantage of USA Production

Tool Transfer Process


Our experienced engineering team will review your project requirements, analyze CAD models, drawings, and other tooling data provided along with quality assurance and customer-specific requirements for special consideration. We will provide a preliminary quotation based upon the estimated scope of work.


Our highly skilled engineers and journeymen toolmakers excel in handling delicate and complex injection mold tooling. We are also accustomed to resolving even the most difficult manufacturing challenges with these types of molds – often doing so in rather short order with long-standing manufacturing or debug issues. Our shipping and receiving department collaborates with you to schedule a seamless tooling transfer, promptly addressing your production concerns.


Upon receiving your tooling, our team promptly initiates the inspection process. Matrix's comprehensive tool transfer checklist involves in-depth evaluation, utilizing best practices in tooling, process optimization, and product handling. Identified immediate tooling needs will be discussed with you for approval before any repairs, design changes, or tooling improvements are implemented.


An initial sample is conducted to assess the tool's ability to consistently produce parts according to product drawing specifications. During this initial sample(s) a cross-functional team comprising journeymen toolmakers, tool designers, process engineers, quality personnel, and plastics engineers collaboratively review the product, inspection data, and mold process capability. Following this review, a comprehensive plan is developed and provided to you, outlining the anticipated path forward for your mold to achieve production readiness at Matrix. The plan, considering timing and cost constraints, offers solutions ranging from higher cost (full refurbishment) to lower cost (addressing specific issues without fully resolving root causes). Each solution is presented with its pros, cons, and our suggested course of action.


Upon validation of any tooling improvement through additional samples, we will provide a pre-production run (length to be at your discretion) along with full inspection report for your review.


Upon approval of the pre-production run, we can immediately enter into a production phase for as long as needed. With your tooling at Matrix, you can be assured that our team will deliver high-quality parts to your specifications; consistently, competitively, and on time.

Transfer Tooling Case Studies

The case studies below showcase our full-service, ultra-fast turnaround capabilities in addition to the willingness of our staff to go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs. We have the equipment, resources and experience needed to ensure your needs are not only being met, but frequently exceeded while your tooling is here at Matrix.

For immediate reshoring, outsourced production needs, or troublesome tools that need immediate attention to begin production molding, please reach out to Matrix to find the help—and the manufacturing partner you need.

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