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Micro Injection Molding & Small Part Plastic Injection Molding

The definition of what is considered “Micro” varies—but it generally refers to part size or part feature sizes that are a fraction of traditional parts. Matrix Tool has built a reputation on building extremely high precision, complex injection molds. It was a natural transition for us to pursue Micro Tool Building and Molding capabilities once our customers’ product became increasingly smaller with tighter tolerances.

To be a Micro Injection Molder you have to be willing to step out of the conventional paradigm of modern injection molding technology. Imagine molding 11 parts from a single pellet of resin—then imagine trying to mold that part with a conventional injection molding press. It can’t be done effectively.

Matrix Tool has become our premier small parts molder.

— Mark, Global Sourcing Manager

Question Everything…then Question Again

Micro Injection Molding makes you question every aspect of the manufacturing process—and that’s what we’ve done at Matrix. With well over a dozen degreed plastics and mechanical engineers on staff, we have a deep bandwidth of engineering talent who continuously drive innovation. Over 10% of our work staff are degreed engineers! We take a thorough and a systematic approach to Mold design and layout, runner and gate sizes, cavity spacing, total flow lengths, part ejection, inspection and post-molding part handling. That’s what it takes to mold parts that weigh .002 grams or have a gate diameter measuring .075 millimeters!

Overall, Matrix is a world class supplier with excellent technical support, technology and business processes. Matrix is a tremendous partner to have in our supply chain.

— Mike, Principal Plastics Engineer

The Need For Speed

Two of the major keys to successful Micro Molding is having the right injection molding machines and proper ‘know-how’. Matrix has partnered with Sodick for all of our Micro Molding needs. We utilize Sodick Injection Molding Machines, customized at Matrix, that have a barrel ounce capacity of 0.15-to-0.91 ounces and a tonnage range of 20-to-60 tons.

Known for incredible accuracy, acceleration and deceleration, our Sodick presses deliver best-in-class injection speeds, performance and repeatability. With up to 15.3- G’s of acceleration, our presses inject plastic 10-to-20 times faster than other conventional Injection Molding presses. What does this mean to you? It means we have the capability and ‘know-how’ to efficiently produce product that other injection molder’s continuously struggle with.

Explore our Micro Molding Capabilities and Equipment in More Detail Below:

Small Part Micro Molding Brochure
Injection Molding Machine (IMM) Overview Chart

Additional Information:

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