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Technical Expertise

Each core manufacturing department in Matrix Tool’s molding operation is managed by a degreed plastic engineer.  The General Manager of the molding division, the Quality Manager, the Mold Conditioning Manager, and our Manufacturing Floor Manager are all degreed plastic engineers.  We have several plastic engineers in our Quality department and our New Business Development Director is also a degreed plastics engineer.  With over a dozen degreed Plastics Engineers positioned throughout the company, working in conjunction with a talented group of Mold Designers, Journeyman Tool Makers, Processors, Inspectors and other support staff, we have an incredible amount of technical expertise to solve our customers’ most challenging projects.  Our approach is systematic, scientific and solid.  Matrix Tool is considered the technology leader by many of our customers.

I was impressed with the professionalism and technical expertise of your Plastics Division Staff.

— Phil, Principal Mfg. & Process Development Engineer

Redefining Difficult

You can’t use 20th century technology to efficiently and consistently mold 21st century parts.

Most existing or prospective new customers come to us because conventional injection molders simply don’t have the right equipment, technology or experience that we have at Matrix.  Our customers’ design engineers continually push the envelope to what can be accomplished with injection molding. Part size and tolerances continue to shrink as customers compress their product’s footprint.  Matrix is fully capable to meet the critical demands of micro molded products and features.  We are molding features that are measured in thousandths of an inch, or the thickness of a sheet of paper.  This creates unique manufacturing challenges in both building the injection molds and manufacturing the parts.

Case Studies

Start With the Basics

Aside from having deep Plastics Engineering talent on staff, our tool designers are also journeymen toolmakers by trade. Our tool designers look at mold designs from a machinability standpoint because they're genuine toolmakers. They work in tandem with our Plastics Engineers to not only design molds as originally planned, but many times come up with novel design solutions to optimize the mold in a production environment.  The tool designs are then handed off to our in-house, fully equipped tool shop staffed by highly experienced, journeyman toolmakers.

Precision Mold Making

Going Big on Micro

To stay ahead of the trend toward part and feature miniaturization, Matrix Tool has made a tremendous investment in our tooling capabilities, allowing us to offer true “full-service” capabilities to our customers.  To meet these demanding micro, and micro-featured parts, we’ve added the latest, state-of-the-art, Micro Wire EDM machine that uses .002” wire.  We have also added some of the most advanced high speed Mills and die sink EDM machines in North America.

Company News

Unconventional Parts—Unconventional Solutions

You can’t use 20th century technology to efficiently and consistently mold 21st century parts. This is why Matrix Tool has purchased super high-speed Sodick injection molding presses from Japan. Their speed, precision and repeatability are unmatched in comparison to what a conventional molding press can offer. This gives us the confidence to provide our customers with alternate solutions that result in greater throughput with less complexity. Bigger is not better. Better is better.

Nothing Left to Chance

When you combine state of the art equipment with best in class processing technology, you can achieve remarkable results.  But successful, high-precision molding doesn’t happen by accident.  Matrix has adopted a plant wide use of in-mold, RJG technology.  We have RJG certified master molders on site who train all our molding processors, technicians and quality staff as well.  Matrix uses RJG, decoupled-3 technology—which provides the greatest control of the process and part quality.   Before the mold opens we already know if a good part is being produced.  These closed loop systems can also be equipped with high speed robotic EOAT, vision systems, thermal cameras and part diverters in the event molding parameters are exceeded during the molding cycle.  Real-time feedback providing real-time results.    See Matrix Tool’s Injection Molding Capabilities for more details.

Technically sound, highly equipped, ready to meet your next demanding injection molding project.  To find out more about our technical abilities or to discuss your next project, Contact Us