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Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Matrix is an engineering driven manufacturer of custom plastic injection molded products. We are experts in producing high precision micro and standard-sized complex parts. These include electrical connectors, computer connectors, automotive under the hood components, or any other tight tolerance molded part requiring a wide range of engineering grade thermoplastics.

Engineering With a Purpose

Plastics engineering is at the heart of our custom injection molding services. We have degreed Plastics Engineers throughout nearly every functional area of our manufacturing facility. Just over 10% of our work staff are either degreed Plastics Engineers or Mechanical Engineers. The use of sound engineering principles is at the core of our entire injection molding operation. For more information about our use of closed-loop, decoupled 3 processing with real-time monitoring, visit our Scientific Injection Molding page.

Overall, Matrix is a world class supplier with excellent technical support, technology and business processes. Matrix is a tremendous partner to have in our supply chain.

— Mike, Principal Plastics Engineer

Injection Molding Technology

Matrix has (16) Sodick high-response micro molding machines with capacities between 0.15-0.47 ounces that further our capabilities to offer the utmost combination of injection speed and response with process accuracy and repeatability.  Along with our knowledge and expertise, Matrix frequently succeeds where others cannot.  Our experts are always up for a manufacturing challenge, and we take great pride in our ability to solve them time and again.

In addition to our micro-featured, small parts molding service offerings, Matrix also has another 25 injection molding machines under one roof ranging from 55-237T across our two molding floors.  We service the high-precision automotive, connector and other demanding industries with shot sizes ranging from 0.5-16.9 ounces.  We embrace technology throughout the plant, including servo robotics, RJG eDARTS & Co-Pilot, End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT), thermal cameras, proprietary diverter chutes, and much more.

Tooling and Molding Equipment List

High Precision, Tight Control

Being successful at molding extremely tight tolerance plastic parts takes more than excellent equipment and trained personnel. At Matrix, we have developed true full-service, in-house capabilities that support every aspect of our customers’ high precision injection molding needs. From Mold Design and construction, sampling and production, through long term repair and maintenance, Matrix Tool is a total solution provider for some of the biggest names in industry.

Stop the Presses!

Every piece of production equipment, every piece of support equipment and every plastic injection mold that runs at Matrix is on a planned, computerized maintenance schedule. Cycle times are tracked with a real time production monitoring system and when the mold hits its expected maintenance count, it gets serviced. Of course, every press is on a scheduled maintenance program, but so is every thermulator, barrel and screw and other related auxiliary equipment. Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well is a hallmark at Matrix Tool. This allows us to keep our equipment in top running order, while minimizing downtime and production interruptions.

Unmatched Part Retention

Process Control occurs in every area of our injection molding disciplines and it shows up in some unusual places. Matrix has a part retention system that is unique in the industry. We retain EVERY startup and shutdown shots from EVERY production run FOREVER! As hard as that is to imagine, it’s true. Our customers have benefited from this Quality system—knowing that they can confirm part conformity for as long as their tool runs at Matrix. Visit our Quality page to learn more about our Quality certifications and our Quality Management System (QMS) approach.

Our Promise

Matrix will never pay lip service to our customers. You can always expect straightforward and timely communication on any matter that concerns your injection molding projects. We will always be upfront and honest—this has been our corporate DNA for nearly 50 years. To see if Matrix might be a good fit for your next plastic products program, or if you have a current project that is having difficulty getting off the ground, please Contact Us.

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