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Plastic Injection Molding & Tooling

Welcome to Matrix Tool

Matrix Tool, Inc., founded in 1972, is a full-service Thermoplastic Injection Mold Building and Molding company serving the high precision Automotive, Computer, Electronics, Metal Injection Mold (MIM), and Pharmaceutical/Medical Industries.

Overall, Matrix is a world-class supplier with excellent technical support, technology and business processes. Matrix is a tremendous partner to have in our supply chain.

— Mike, Principal Plastics Engineer

Micro Injection Molding

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The Matrix Advantage

Matrix is an engineering driven manufacturer of custom plastic injection molded products. We are experts in producing high precision micro and standard-sized complex parts. These include electrical connectors, computer connectors, automotive under the hood components, or any other tight tolerance molded part requiring a wide range of engineering grade thermoplastics.

With over a dozen degreed plastics and mechanical engineers on staff, we have a deep bandwidth of engineering talent. They help to drive innovation and precision through a systematic approach in every area of the company. That innovation results in much lower cycle times through our advanced Small Part Micro Molding initiatives.

Full Warranty

Full Service Warranty

We build tooling and mold plastic parts of the highest quality ranging from single cavity prototypes to 64-cavity high volume production molds. From precision mold design and mold construction, through sampling, tool debug, approval and production, Matrix Tool provides our customers a complete in-house plastic project solution. That solution comes with a Life of Program mold warranty for any production tool we design, build and remains at Matrix Tool for production. Contact Us for more details.

Help When You Need It Most

Help When You Need It Most

As part of the RFQ process, Matrix provides engineering solutions for your challenging molded products. Whether you have a preliminary part print or a fully detailed 3D model, we will evaluate the product design and offer alternative suggestions to minimize risk and waste, factors that lead to more cost-effective manufacturing. We’ll quote what you ask for, but we’re not afraid to offer innovative alternatives as well. We gladly give this support as a full-service supplier. Our track record of success speaks for itself. Check out our Testimonial Page.

Manufacturing Marvels

Does your injection molder have super powers? We do. Matrix Tool recently hired a new employee with over 30 years of injection molding experience. We placed a part in front of him and thinking it was a 3D printed part he commented, “It can’t be molded.” That’s what our competitor thought and our customer was quickly coming to the same conclusion after a year of trial and error.

Matrix bet on our experience and said, “Send us the mold and we’ll provide a free and honest evaluation.” Without the paradigm constraints of conventional molders, Matrix established a capable injection molding production process, with very minor tooling modifications, within one week. The result was a very surprised and happy customer. That part is now on the market, breaking new ground in small form factor, high speed data transfer connectors. See more Case Studies

Precision Injection Molding Technology

With 28 conventional injection molding presses and 12 high-speed micro injection molding presses, Matrix Tool has a broad offering of injection molding machines ranging from 20 Tons to 237 Tons of clamping force. We offer true, closed-loop, decoupled 3 plastic injection molding processing with real-time monitoring for additional control. See our Scientific Molding Page for more information.

True Full-Service Capabilities

Every injection molder will claim to have the best employees, equipment and quality systems. Matrix has all that for sure, but we take injection molding services to the next level. We have an extensive tool shop fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Extremely capable, solutions-based leader in the Industry.  We cannot compliment them enough regarding capability, quality and service.

— Mark, Global Sourcing Manager

A Difference That Matters

What separates Matrix Tool is our stand-alone department of plastics engineers, toolmakers and technicians who provide 24-hour tool evaluation, sampling/de-bug, repair and changeover services for the molding department. This capability is rare among injection molding suppliers in the United States or elsewhere. The results are extremely high quality and customer service scores.

We recognize that the quality of our products has a powerful impact on our customer’s operation and reputation. That is why Matrix Tool has adopted mold cavity pressure transducer technology, or RJG technology, throughout the entire facility to ensure the highest quality standards. Our robust Quality Management System wraps around every aspect of the manufacturing process. To learn more, see our Quality Page.

We invite you to spend a few minutes browsing our website to learn more about Matrix Tool. Find out the difference an engineering focused, full-service custom injection molding company can make for your next project. See Why Matrix?

We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to hearing from you! Contact Us