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Injection Mold Making & Automotive Plastic Injection Tooling

Matrix Tool has been producing high precision injection molds and spare tooling for the Automotive Market since 1972. We manufacture complex electrical connector tooling that supports high volume production for many of the global automotive OEM’s such as Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, etc. In more recent times, our expertise has expanded to include the manufacture of ultra-high precision tooling for micro electrical connectors.

Overall, Matrix is a world class supplier with excellent technical support, technology and business processes. Matrix is a tremendous partner to have in our supply chain.

— Mike, Principal Plastics Engineer

Demanding and Difficult

The Automotive Industry has developed some of the best practices as it relates to part design, technology adoption and cost containment. In the world of electrical connectors, the Automotive Industry has few peers when it comes to complexity, precision and production volume. This is an environment that Matrix has thrived in for nearly 50 years.

Full-Service Expertise

As Matrix Tool evolved over the years, we eventually became a true, full-service supplier to the Automotive Industry by offering sampling, then eventually production volume injection molding services. Perhaps the greatest confirmation of our tooling capabilities is that many of our Automotive customers choose Matrix Tool to build tooling used for their internal injection molding facilities.

A Unique Approach

Manufacturing high precision injection molds starts with a technically sound mold design. Matrix Tool takes a unique approach as our mold designers are also journeymen toolmakers by trade. This is an incredible asset for any injection molder or tool builder to have. They've already learned the correct way that a high-quality mold should be designed and constructed for the optimum production process. With this deep insight, our tool designers evaluate both machinability, design for manufacturing and durability in their designs. Our mold design process is further aided by our in-house Mold flow and FEA capabilities.

Technology Tools

Matrix Tool has certainly embraced the latest technologies available for Mold Design and construction. We have broad expertise with hot manifolds, hot sprue bushings, valve gates, cavity pressure sensors and other related mold design options that improve both productivity and real-time processing. These would all fall under the “conventional” umbrella of modern injection mold construction.

Complexity Vs. Risk

While these technologies have their place, we have developed and discovered new approaches to enhance productivity. Quite often customers think that adding more cavities or hot manifolds is the most cost-effective way to create more plastic parts. But by adding a hot runner system or doubling the number of cavities, it all adds cost, variability and the potential for risk and problems.

Technology Paradigm

Instead, Matrix focuses on shorter flow lengths, tighter cavity spacing and smaller runner channels. This counter-intuitive tool design approach is made possible through proven engineering and real-world results. By following these fundamentals we’re able to provide the fastest cycle times with the least number of cavities. Bigger isn’t better. Better is better.

Contact Us and find out why our customers view Matrix as their technology leader. See what working with an engineering driven company can mean for your next injection molding project.

Note: Matrix Tool utilizes SolidWorks 3D CAD modeling software. We are capable of exporting and importing the following formats: SolidWorks, Parasolid, IGES, DXF & STEP.