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Mission Statement

Our overall mission is to set the standard for quality in the Injection Molding Industry throughout the United States while maintaining the highest standards in the areas of:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost
  • Employment
  • Ethical conduct

We believe this mission can best be accomplished by recognizing and meeting our fundamental responsibilities to our customers, company members, suppliers, and community allies.

Matrix Offices

To Our Customers:

We are committed to providing high quality precision injection molding products that meet customer needs and requirements. We recognize that the quality of our products has a powerful impact on our customers’ operation and reputation. Therefore, we will strive to continuously improve our operations in order to deliver safe, effective, and timely products that meet the quality expectations of our customers.

To Our Company Members:

We will ensure a cooperative partnership among all members of Matrix Tool Inc. built upon a framework of mutual trust, respect, dignity, and equal opportunity employment. We are committed to selecting capable, team oriented people and providing them with challenging work in a safe, open, and participatory environment. We will seek input to find the best solutions to problems and methods of making improvements in the workplace. We will share information, resources, and ideas, and we will develop the skills necessary to maintain an exciting work environment where decisions are made at the lowest appropriate level. Employees will be actively encouraged to make suggestions for improving our operations and overall quality of work life.

To Our Suppliers:

We are committed to developing cooperative relationships with our suppliers and other business partners by conducting our affairs in a fair and equitable manner. Our business dealings will focus on recognizing critical mutual interests, including quality, cost, delivery, and continuous improvement.

To Our Community:

We firmly believe that a determining factor to our future success and security is the spirit and vitality of our community. Therefore, we are committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen by actively supporting efforts concerned with the health of our local community, environment, and society as a whole.

Above all, Matrix Tool, Inc. will be sincere in its dealings with customers, company members, and community endeavors. All business related activities will be conducted with the utmost integrity to ensure that all parties are treated in an ethical and just fashion.