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An image of Matrix Tool's building today

Present Day


Matrix Tool has evolved into a full service supplier, servicing the Precision Thermoplastic & Metal Injection Molding industry.

Image of 5 High precision, Advanced Injection Molding Machines



Expansion of small part / micro molding production area through the repurposing and renovation of an additional 1,500 sq ft of warehouse space.

Image of an opened Advanced Injection Molding Machine in our micro molding room



Interior renovation to repurpose 1,500 sq ft of warehouse space and transform it into a dedicated production area for small part/ micro molding advancements.

Image of Matrix Tool's Upstairs Office Renovation in 2008



Eighth expansion of facility to add 2,500 sq. ft. of office space to support Plastics Engineering, New Product Development and Production Support functions.

Image depicting Matrix Tool's Production Floor in 2006



Seventh expansion of facility to add 13,600 sq. ft. of additional space to support Molding and Warehousing operations. The expansion allowed room for an additional 14 injection molding presses and increased the total facility size to 57,100 sq. ft.

Image depicting Matrix Tool's Mold repair/changeover area in 2000



Sixth expansion of facility to add dedicated space for Mold Changeover / Repair, Material Mixing and additional Warehousing and Quality Assurance. Facility size increased to 43,500 sq. ft.

Image from an old newspaper depicting Matrix Tool Owner Dave Lewis in 1998



Fifth expansion of facility to add 30,000 sq. ft. of state of the art Molding Operation, to house 14 injection molding machines and to expand Tooling capabilities to include: Wire EDM, CNC EDM and High Speed CNC Milling technologies.

Image depicting the outside of the Matrix Tool Building in 1992



Fourth expansion of facility to add dedicated space to support the expanding Mold Design / Engineering and Administrative functions.

An image regarding David Lewis assuming sole ownership dated 1992



Change in corporate ownership – David W. Lewis, Sr. assumes ownership of Matrix Tool, Inc. making the transition to a family business.

Image depicting the outside of the Matrix Tool Building in 1989



Third expansion of facility to accommodate Plastics Injection Molding operations and allow dedicated space for the assembly, bench testing and in-house sampling of new molds.